Know the changes that are in technology support

Successful communication skills; not a term usually associated with technology types. But is a story about companies if the system will work and the client asks the IT guy. The IT man’s answer goes something like this: It definitely should. We did our design testimonials, held code walk thrush, analyzed it load test, user acceptance test. Yeah, we are feeling pretty good at this time. To be fair, it is hard for pros nowadays. Many of their business Counterparts are tech savvy. They do not know if the VP of Marketing which they are speaking to has detailed knowledge of internet technology, or if they don’t understand their browser from their Bower that is for you She Na lovers. Technology professionals who do not need to be treated like mushrooms, which need involvement with the opportunity and customers to take part in decision making, need to develop communication skills. It is not too hard if they concentrate on four key behaviours:

You do not want to lose them, and you do not need to speak down to them. Ask if you are not sure. They give you a direct answer. If the customer wants a high accessibility customer database option, and the client billing info is on another database, then they probably require high availability for that additional database also. Be tolerant and appreciate differences in recent changes in the tech industry. If the attorney cannot turn on his laptop, it is OK. You probably don’t want to be his counsel before a judge. Do not try to impress. The audience’s tech members will not be and the technician averse are.

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You stand to gain credibility with customers and partners as soon as you can bring your tech pros along to answer questions and develop a stronger understanding of the enterprise. If they commit crimes of miscommunication you can suffer. Decide that members of your staff simply don’t have business communication in their DNA. Be honest with those folks, and define their roles. You don’t need to keep them in the dark like mushrooms, just ensure you know who is around before you allow them in the daylight. Highlight the powerful communicators on your technology teams. Give them access to business leaders and customers. Make it clear they are currently demonstrating role model behaviour.

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