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Fall is here and the 10 best antivirus programs have launched their most recent version. The list has not changed from 2011 and the best antivirus programs have come out with the best features and tools. And the only difference we have noticed is Webfoot losing its location due to a substantial shift in its product line-up. To be included in the listing, these antivirus software programs had to impress in at least five areas. They were assessed on scope of security, efficacy, ease of use, simplicity of installation and new features. And they were tested and approved by the top test labs such as Virus Bulletin and AV-Comparatives. Bit Defender provides rock-solid protection and the 2012 variant is the best antivirus software application. It has several special tools such as a gamer mode which enables one full-screen mode access when playing games or watching videos on your computer. And its Active Virus Control is a feature that finds and demolishes dangers that stealthily try to monitor your activity.

It finds new malware threats at a 100 percent success rate. Its price is somewhat higher than other apps like Bit Defender, but the features and tools are definitely worthwhile. It’s the desktop security gadget which docks on your desktop and offers much greater access and awareness of your computer safety at all times. One Outstanding feature found in Webfoot is its own spyware removal feature, Webfoot Spy Sweeper. It’s the finest in the market at spyware removal and unites with the antivirus protection from Sophism to pack a mean punch. The Spy Sweeper feature also takes care of other malware threats like adware, pop-ups and root kits. Full Version Antivirus Download is a massive player in the business with great features and tools. It’s the Norton Reputation Service, a proactive security measure that comes with a particular algorithm to analyse files and determine their hazard level. But, Norton has problems working together with other software applications and remains an issue to uninstall.

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ESET includes both heuristic detection and advanced diagnostic tools for complete PC security. It has all of the crucial areas covered but the port isn’t good – there are easier and easier to configure ports. But it’s still among the best antivirus software programs and is great for PC gamers. AVG Delivers innovative protection and very easy use. It has many great features such as the Link Scanner feature which protects your PC from dodgy sites. The Social Networking Protection feature protects you from risks on social networking sites like Face book and Bebop. But AVG has issues and overprotects occasionally and flags important files as malware.

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